Building the islamic identity!

A good muslim is a good human being.


It’s been awhile that I’ve been neglecting my blog for the past few months, this is because I’m a bit busy in continuing my studies to degree level.

Today we are facing a wave of youth who have no clear about their identity . We all need islamic youth awakening. Robust islamic identity is also what separates between strong and shaky muslims. There is so much more to the islamic identity we should be seeking to develop as proud muslims.

The islamic identity is taken to mean the way of life of the muslims practice and ideologies as derived from the Quran and the example of Muhammad (PBUH). But the challenges for muslims youth is: How can they develop, maintain and model their islamic identity? It should cover islamic history to offset the lies taught in history, islamic law to offset the lies taught in legal student. However I think a proper islamic education should counter the lies and the corruption fed to the children in school. It should be presented in such a way as to engender a feeling of pride in islam. In addition, parents need to encourage their children to know and love the scholars or muslim who changed history, most of the companions of the prophet were youth!

I honestly believe that investing time with children to get them to memorise Quran and teach them islamic education at home should pay off in the long run, avoiding terrible family crises in the future.

Thriving as a Muslim youth must not be a passive ambition but rather an active goal. So let us make dua’ that Allah protects our Iman and guides us all to develop a strong islamic identity. Jazakallah khairan kathiran.

My unforgettable experience ever!

From left kak fatimah (1-20 juz), me (1-10 juz), Ustazah Azidawati, Asma Mardhiyah (1-30 juz) and Nur Akasyah (1-20 juz).

It happened on 6th of March 2017, where the Quranic memorization competition was held and I was one of the participants. It was my first time joining this competition. However, it is an honour to share with you the challenges that I faced and valuable experience that I had gained from this competition.

The competition was held at Masjid Fisabilillah, in Cyberjaya. It was held for five days, from 6th March until 10th March and during this, we stayed at Hotel Uniten, Kajang. For this competition, three of my colleagues and I were representing our own district for different categories.

Before the opening ceremony, all participants got to know their turn in the competition. I cannot believe that my turn is the second and suddenly I felt like withdrawing from the competition and going back home. But was it worth it? It was my opportunity to show my talent and apply my skills. Then my friend gave me some really good advice in which she said “Obviously, not everyone who enters the competition will win. But, even if you don’t get any of the prizes, you can still benefit from this opportunity to challenge yourself. You will learn new things and develop new skills. And the most important thing in this competition is the journey, the process, not the endpoint”. So I decided to challenge myself and do my best in this competition.

The next day, after breakfast we left the hotel early in the morning to avoid traffic jams in Putrajaya. Once we arrived at the Masjid Fisabilillah, we started to get prepared behind the stage. The stage was decorated with beautiful flowers and a few spotlights. When I looked around, the hall was slowly filled by audience, who were taking their seats while my heart pounding so fast. I calmed myself down by closing my eyes, reciting Du’a as much as I can and taking a deep breath. In addition, there were some people in the audience who came to support me and give me encouragement. Who were they? They were my teacher Ustazah Azidawati, my parents Raja Sarimah and Zainal Ariffin, two of my adorable close friends Nur Akasyah and kak Fatimah and a few other supportive friends.

Then, the emcee started the competition with prayer recitation and after the first participant had finished, it was time for my turn. I whispered in my heart that “I can do it!”, stepped onto the stage bravely, sat down on the small platform provided, and ready to recite the Quranic verses asked by the judges. Surprisingly, it all went down smoothly. I felt so relieved after everything had finished and I got down from the stage with a wide smile on my face!

No matter what, this type of competition can develop the interest in huffaz students to do their very best in Quranic memorization and it also provides healthy competition among us. Another positive effect of my memorable experience was that it bolstered my confidence. Moreover, it offered me opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from other disciplines of studies. That is all from my humble story. Hope you enjoy it!

4 reasons why I prefer kashmir.

Most of us knows that ‘kashmir is heaven on earth’ but how many of us visited this heaven? Here the reason why kashmir is my next travel.

1. Gulmarg kashmir, A favourite amongst the bollywood set such as bajrangi baijan. The unique powdery snow, natural slopes and suitable combinations snow with sunshine make the view look wonderful!

2. The major attractions in gulmarg is the gondola ride, this cable car takes you passes through the pine forest and wonderful surroundings. I’ve never been there yet, but just see the review of people who had visited.

3. It’s a good news for skiing lover ! According to CNN, gulmarg was rated as asia’s seventh best adventure ski destination. To the beginner, you can hire instructors for a day.

4. Alpathar lake is the most amazing lake for picnic spot where people can relax in the lap of mother nature.

I wish one day I can travel to kashmir and gain more experience than I imagine.

A barber and his customer.

One day, the barber said to his customer that he did not believe in God. “If God exists, there may be no war, and there would be no hungry people”. The customer didn’t say anything.

But when he came out of the barber shop, he got an answer. He entered back the barber shop with a beggar whose hair was matted and missable and said to the barber; “Why there are still people who have unmanageable hair out there when there is a barber like you to help them with their hair?” Then, the barber answered; “Because they do not come to me.” The customer then said, “God exists, but He wants His servants to come to Him, turn to Him only and seek His help.”


I was born and raised in malaysia. Currently, I’m studying in kolej universiti islam antarabangsa selangor. I’m doing Diploma in tahfiz quran with specialization in qiraat.

I am a talkative person, easy-going and flexible to work. I also can only work in long period of time as long as the job is interesting ! There are many things about me but those are few main points I would like to mention about myself.

I’m interested in many things such as writing blog, watch drama and survey the new thing. I like to watch suspense thrillers and little bit love story. Although, there are many reason why I like to write blog, it’s because i want to polish my writing and communication skills.